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Under the auspices of the President
of the Czech Republic

Under the auspices of the Mayor
of the City of Prague

The project is supported by
the ministry of culture of the Czech Republic

In 2006 the whole cultural world will remember 250 years from the birth of W. A. Mozart whose life and work are essentially connected, among other places, to Prague. The exceptional position of Prague in the life of W. A. Mozart is proved by his saying "My orchestra is in Prague."

To commemorate this anniversary the project MOZART PRAGUE 2006 is being prepared. A great number of cultural events held within the regular programmes of the individual organizers as well as unique cultural and social projects will take place during 2006. Mozart of the year 2006 is a musician both classical and modern. His brilliant work will come to life thanks to the perfomances of leading orchestras and soloists from the Czech Republic and abroad. In order to carry out such an extensive project, major cultural institutions and organizations united, guaranteeing high cultural and professional quality.

The MOZART PRAGUE 2006 project aims to make Mozart's work more than an empty symbol or a superficial knowledge of some of his most popular compositions. In Prague Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his music found inspirational acceptance, friendship and admiration. The late 18th century performers devoted their art to his music which at the same time enriched them as well as the listeners. In 2006 Prague and its visitors will have an opportunity to get to know all Mozart's works connected with Prague and to gain insight into the richness of his music. With this comprehensive project of concerts, theatrical performances, exhibitions and social events Prague will join the other European cities that will remember the anniversary of Mozart's birth and his musical legacy.

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