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Prague 1 – Malá Strana, Thunovská 14

On the site of the Thun Palace there had stood a house since the middle ages and Gothic features can be found in the cellars and basement. The first written mention of the house dates back to 14th century, when the house belonged to a member of the rich Benesovic family, an owner of land in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia.

The house burnt down during the Hussite riots in 1421 and it kept dilapidating for many years. A hundred years later the building was onwed by the royal prosecutor Albrecht Rendl of Ouschava. Till today the house has kept the features given to it at the end of 16th century, including the octagonal tower, even though the building only had three stories then and in place of the staircase there was a four-cornered tower.

In 1656 Prince Archbishop of Salzburg Count Quidobald Thun bought the house starting a 269-year period of the Thun family´s ownership. The house went through extensive reconstruction and extension from around 1660 till 18th century.

During his first visit in Prague in 1787 W.A.Mozart stayed at the Thun Palace.

When Great Britain established diplomatic relations with the Czechoslovak Republic in 1919 it rented the palace as the seat of its embassy. Since then the building has been the seat of the British Embassy. After long discussions about the conditions of rent the British government bought the house in 1925.

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