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23. 9. 2006

The National Theatre

Gerd Albrecht presents Mozart:
Mozart and his contemporaries

7 pm, The Estates Theatre

The performance Gerd Albrecht presents Mozart  is held within the MOZART PRAGUE 2006 project.
The concept of the performance was created by and texts written by Jiří Gruša , who also represents W.A. Mozart. Also appearing is F.X. Duschek (performed by a member of The National Theatre, tba). It is a scenic perfromance without period costumes.

The performance is based on dialogues between two close friends – it is well known that Mozart found a retreat at the Duscheks' during two of his stays in Prague in October 1787 and at the turn of August and September 1791. The place was quiet for his work with a friendly atmosphere. We will travel to Mozart's times, witness the environment in which he worked, we will remember his warm relation to Prague and the Prague audiences who had understood him so well...

Prof. Gerd Albrecht will conduct a chamber ensemble in the works by not only Mozart but also by his contemporaries such as F.X. Duschek, L.A. Koželuh and F.V. Kramář-Krommer.


for more information go to www.nd.cz.



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