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Mozartean exhibition

At present the staff of the Prague State Opera is putting together the scenario of a large-scale thematic exhibition that should reflect the tradition of Mozartean productions in the history of this opera house. Although in Prague Mozart’s name is most often connected with the Estates Theatre, the present-day Prague State Opera and its predecessors can also boast excellent productions of the great composer’s masterpieces, featuring some of the world’s famous singers. In the days of the New German Theatre, Mozart’s bust – along with those of Goethe and Schiller – even graced the front of the theatre building (they were removed due to the post-war wave of anti-German sentiment and what became of them is still unknown). The exhibition that can be seen in the PSO lounges from the beginning of the next season to the end of 2006, the Mozartean anniversary year, wants to draw attention to some interesting, though not so well-known aspects of Mozart’s Prague cult.


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